It was 1967. Judy Huddleston’s parents had just gotten divorced, and she spent her last year of high school attending Doors concerts. Transformed from a perceptive child into a rebellious teenager bent on attracting boys and fueled by psychedelics, she had lost her sense of self. Then Jim Morrison came into her life.

Love Him Madly chronicles Judy’s four-year relationship with the singer. Honest and funny, written in the idealistic but jaded voice of a teenager, this intensely intimate memoir is a cautionary tale about sex, codependence, and misplaced spirituality. It also provides a direct and unprecedented view of a late-1960s Los Angeles subculture, an emotional portrayal of a sexual relationship with a man whose demons haunted everyone he knew, and a vivid portrait of Jim Morrison as a complex human being. A balanced portrait of an unbalanced relationship, Love Him Madly is an intense, moving, and poetic journey through one teenage girl’s unforgettable fall from innocence.

14 responses to “LOVE HIM MADLY

  1. Very touched by your book Judy….you made Jim come alive and reminded us that
    he had good traits not just the demons and faults that are so well known. I found your journey as a woman during that time frame fascinating as well. I’m glad you survived and are doing well. It’s obvious that you genuinely loved Jim……..

    • Melanie–Thank you so much–it makes such a difference to hear this! I’m glad you could feel that I loved him beneath all the craziness of those times–and that the good in him showed too. Judy

  2. Such an interesting person. During a peace and love time he wrote some very dark lyrics. You would think he would be kind of hated during the time. Wonder if he asked your opinion on some of the lyrics. Do you wonder what he would be like now had he survived.

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