Judy Huddleston is an author, artist, and teacher living on the West Coast. She received a BFA from California Institute of the Arts and MFA from Eastern Washington University. Her nonfiction, fiction and poetry has appeared in The Los Angeles Review, The Collagist, Wilderness Press, Mudlark, New South, Wordriot, Flashquake, the Penwood Review, NANOFiction and other journals. Her memoir, LOVE HIM MADLY will be published this June by Chicago Review Press. Her book, This is the End, My Only Friend, was published in 1991. She has recently completed another memoir in a flash-nonfiction, OUR OWN PRIVATE IDAHO. A native of California, she currently teaches writing and integrated arts at California State University at Monterey Bay.

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  1. Enjoyed your book. Got a kick out of the line, ‘for someone so
    dark and tragic, he sure whistled a lot.’ I visited Jim’s grave in 1978. He wasn’t on their map, but I found my way by following the chalk directions written on various gravestones. The singer Patti Smith used those same directions to locate it. My best to you; thanks for giving me some insight into the singer for my favorite band.

  2. I have question when you were hospitalized and he came to you at the foot of the bed in an image and said I forgive you …. What was that for?

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